Italy trip!

It’s official, I am going to Italy in May!

I haven’t been able to go back for almost four years, which is the longest I have ever been away from my home country.

I will be going for about two and a half weeks, the first half will be with a friend and my husband will be joining me for the second half. I will, of course, have my littleĀ bimbo, who will be eight months old then!

I am quite apprehensive about how I am going to cope with a baby in a different country and away from all of his things (there is only so much my Ryanair baggage allowance will cover) so it will be a challenge.

I will be sure to report back on my return, and I will have a few blog posts queued up so my little blog isn’t completely neglected, but internet access will be patchy at best so my presence online will probably be virtually non-existent. A technology-detox might be a good thing though!

If any of you have an upcoming trip to Italy, do share your plans in the comments below!


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