A body of water

A part of my upcoming trip, I will be visiting Lake Garda, Italy’s largest body of water, i.e.

Il piu` grande (the largest) specchio d’acqua (body of water) in Italia.

Italian can be an extremely descriptive and emotional language, and I have always thought that phrases such as specchio d’acqua were always very evocative.

This is probably on of those random phrases you will rarely (if ever) get to use in real-life situations, but in my opinion is beautiful.



2 thoughts on “A body of water

  1. We are frequent visitors to the lake as we live just an hour north in the Val di Non. We always recommend the west side of the lake between Limone and Salo’. A great place to stay or just have dinner is La Terrazzina in Gargnano (beneath Tignale).

    Buon viaggio … veramente Lago di Garda è uno dei migliori posti al mondo!


    1. Thank you, my cousin lives in Sirmione so we’re planning to go there and get a tour of the surrounding area. She works in catering so she should be able to take us somewhere nice. I’ll post a full report once we get back! 😉


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