Venice airport tips and vocabulary


My holiday is nearing so I thought I’d share some useful vocab and tips for your future travels to Italy!

I’m going to talk about the two Venice airports are they are the ones I have used the most (on this trip I’ll actually be flying into Bologna so if I notice anything noteworthy I may share it in a future blog post!)

Tips: arriving at the airport

There are two airports located near Venice, the Marco Polo and the much smaller and incredibly more cramped Venezia-Treviso.

The Marco Polo is actually near Venice, the Treviso airport is very out of the way but tends to be much more used by budget flights during peak season (from Ireland anyway).

Based on my own experience, I would recommend you try to get a flight to the Marco Polo airport if at all possible, as it is much more conveniently located, with better transport links, and is much closer to Venice.

The Marco Polo airport appears to only operate on certain times of the year though, so be aware you may not always be able to get flights, depending on the time of year.


Airport L’aeroporto / Gli aeroporti
Arrivals Gli arrivi
Departures Le partenze
Flight Il volo / I voli
Transport I trasporti
Taxi rank Il servizio taxi
Bus stop La banchina autobus
Train station La stazione dei treni
Time table L’orario / gli orari
Car hire L’autonoleggio / gli autonoleggi
Motorboat Il vaporetto / I vaporetti
Parking  Il parcheggio / i parcheggi

How to ask a passer-by for information / Come chiedere un’informazione a un passante

Scusi Mi scusi Excuse me
Dov’e` l’ufficio informazioni? Where is The information desk?
La banchina autobus? The bus stop
La stazione dei treni? The train station
L’autonoleggio? The car hire?
Il servizio taxi? The taxi rank?
E` qui vicino. It’s near.
E` li` all’angolo. It’s there, at the corner.
Sempre dritto, poi a destra. Go straight, then turn right.
E` li` a sinistra. It’s there on the left.
Grazie per l’informazione. Thank you for the information.
Grazie, molto gentile. Thank you, much obliged

Can you think of any other useful vocabulary? What did you think of the Venice airports?


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